Collect & Reflectâ„¢ thermal blinds

An ideal window covering should control the light, ensure privacy, reflect the sun’s heat in the summer, not allowing rooms to overheat, collect the sun’s energy during the winter, circulate the air, fight mould, have antivirus and antibacterial properties, and combine all these properties in one product for free. While the BBSA states that “there are no ‘one size fits all’ perfect solutions on the worldwide market” SVA took this opportunity and engineered Collect & Reflect® blinds. These blinds offer a unique value proposition to end-users: a combination of privacy & daylight, sustainability & energy savings, beauty & comfort.

Conventional window coverings partly absorb and partly reflect solar heat. We tested most of the materials used and found which one had the best properties, and this was aluminium – it reflects up to 97 % of infrared heat and when coated by special coatings, absorbs up to 91%. As the blinds’ construction guarantees the best light control, ease of maintenance and privacy, we matched these abilities and added some engineering to make Collect & Reflect® blinds. The blinds collect heat during the winter, reflect the sun’s heat during the summer, circulate the air and form a convection air flow, control the light, ensure privacy and much more.

We are looking for partners who will help us change the window coverings market by introducing a new product category – Collect-Reflect blinds, which activate windows by making them energy efficient, and pay their blinds cost back within two seasons by reducing the energy needed, associated costs and bills, and save the planet.

Collect & Reflectâ„¢ thermal blinds
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